As owner and operator of the national power grid, Transpower is empowering New Zealand's energy future by enabling its electrification and supporting the country's net-zero carbon goals. To meet growing electricity demand and more generation connections, Transpower is continually maintaining and developing many high-value assets, both material and digital.

About Transpower

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The challenge

Transpower is working in a rapidly changing industry and needs to deliver outcomes as efficiently and effectively as possible. Data and analytics capabilities are one of the key enablers for fast decision making based on most up-to-date data and complex decisioning models. With increased volume and complexity of the data eco-system, Transpower sought to enhance its ability to use insights to optimise and automate operations to:

• gain a deeper understanding of individual assets and create targeted asset management strategies.

• optimise asset maintenance and unplanned event responses, flood readiness, through smart scenario planning.

• improve business resiliency through partner management insights.

• create a trusted data and insights system to accelerate decision making.

• improve productivity through standardisation and automation of key data management tasks.

The solution

Solnet designed and supported the implementation of a flexible and scalable data and analytics operating model, tailored to Transpower’s specific business needs, culture and governance processes. The foundation of the data and analytics operating model is value management of both investments and benefits, articulated and represented as data and analytics products and services.

Working with Solnet, Transpower ensured that required data and analytics capabilities are supported and enabled through ongoing activities with appropriate governance and support. Transpower and Solnet worked collaboratively to understand the challenges and opportunities in the data and analytics domain, across all organisational aspects – leadership, strategy, people, process and technology.

The operating model Solnet designed addressed critical challenges and opportunities unearthed in the discovery stages, and laid out a complete framework for how Transpower will manage data and analytics value streams going forward. Solnet also delivered a roadmap to migrate Transpower’s business from the existing ways of working to the new data and analytics operating model design, which is guiding teams from day to day.


The road to results

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The outcome

One measure of success is adherence to the roadmap delivered, so leaders and teams always know what they are doing, when, and who is responsible.

It has required a significant change to move to the new operating model; the overall programme is expected to deliver financial benefits over the next five years. Like other organisations, Transpower has limited resources, so it’s essential to ensure teams are delivering as effectively as possible to meet stakeholder needs.

Solnet brought speed to the operating model design process by delivering in a short time using out-of-the-box IP, which cut straight through to core issues in the data and analytics space.

A digital partner we can trust

Solnet was already delivering applications that keep Transpower’s business running. With a strong track record of designing operating models for other public sector organisations, it was an easy decision to work with Solnet in the data and analytics space.

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