Our approach

The insurance industry is undergoing a significant period of change as providers compete, based on a range of factors across product design, delivery, value chain efficiencies and customer experience.

Companies who can successfully leverage their digital and technology resources will be the ones who succeed and continue to grow in the face of industry disruption.  

Business benefits

Solnet has experience across the insurance value chain. We provide our clients with strategic advice, technology expertise, platforms and superior implementation of their business-wide digital and enterprise IT solutions.  

We are experts in helping insurance providers to offer their products digitally, connect up their various business functions (via provider or supplier portals), and manage their sales process via smart rules engines which help guide consumers through the purchase and product selection journey. 

Connecting the value chain   

Across the life of an insurance policy, there are significant supplier-insurer and insurer-consumer interactions outside of the upfront purchase. Consumers expect that the act of making and resolving a claim will be as easy as the act of quoting and buying insurance, while insurers are looking for ways to reduce manual processing and manage by exception, rather than by majority.

Solnet has extensive experience in the automation of business processes and helping insurers connect digitally with their suppliers and clients. This speeds up claims processing, assessment and resolution whilst significantly reducing the time wastage that can occur with more manual processing.  

Decision making engines for automated business processes  

Automated quoting systems are now commonplace. Across the rest of the insurance industry, there are many additional processes which can be automated to provide both operational efficiencies and a superior customer experience for consumers.

Solnet is your industry expert when it comes to dealing with and digitising complex, scaled business processes and customer experiences. With our understanding of business process mapping, combined with our knowledge of user experience design, we can lead and deliver your entire business automation project. 

Customer experience as a key differentiator  

Consumer expectations are constantly rising as businesses across all industries look to remove friction within their various customer-facing processes. Businesses who invest strategically in this space are set to get the jump on competitors who have a less focused strategy around customer experience and digital channels.

Solnet's end-to-end digital offering covers not only the design and build of attractive, modern customer interfaces, we're also able to leverage our business process expertise to help you streamline and achieve customer loyalty via slick processes and interactions. From initial purchase through to cross-selling, claims processing and coverage extension, our team is on hand to make sure your customers enjoy a differentiated experience that continues to build their trust and loyalty to your brand.   

underpin business

Managing continuity of operation for the systems that underpin your business 

As customer-facing systems begin to change, a significant portion of the business will continue to run on existing systems which, for various reasons, cannot be replaced immediately or simply don't need to be replaced in the short- to medium-term.  

We have significant experience in helping our clients craft enterprise IT strategies which let them make the most from their existing technology stack, whilst taking pragmatic steps to move to new technology platforms.   

Delivering digital change for New Zealand organisations

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