Are you using intelligent web forms?

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How data capture powered by Odoo can boost sales and increase customer satisfaction

Customers and prospects seek meaningful and efficient interactions with organisations that can address their needs. Are your old-fashioned web-forms standing in the way?

Many organisations are still using ‘static’ forms to collect information, frustrating users by asking for irrelevant details. Being smart about what is asked not only improves the user’s experience but makes it more likely to gain a complete picture of an individual. Who are they? What matters to them and how can you answer their needs?

Imagine a web form that does more

What if you could create dynamic web forms that use logic to serve up only relevant questions based on what you might already know about the customer or prospect? What if these intelligent forms were integrated with backend systems to help team members quickly sort contacts based on specific interests, pain points or level of need? What if information from smarter web forms allowed you to deliver context-appropriate information to the right customer at the right time? 

Reap the benefits of dynamic forms with Odoo 

While there are many ways to generate simple online forms, Odoo (a modular ERP tool supporting core business functions including CRM, financials and merchandising), enables the delivery of intelligent web forms. Instead of asking a standard set of questions which may or may not be appropriate to a given situation, ask questions based on context, known information and real-time responses. 

Enable your team to:

● respond to customer needs based on informed insights.
● access more consistent and complete data about clients and prospects.
● automate tasks.

Smarter web forms are one of many ways your organisation can provide the personalisation that today’s customers expect, while reducing costs and increasing data quality.

How Solnet can help

Solnet is an official Odoo partner. We provide strategy, integration and implementation services to help you get the most from web-forms and your ERP solution.

Further, we provide advice on customer experience and web design for organisations embarking on digital projects. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.