Clare Goodman, Project Coordinator, joins Solnet

Clare Goodman, Project Coordinator

Solnet is pleased to welcome Clare Goodman, Project Coordinator. Based in Wellington, she will work with our large government clients to manage activities currently underway to ensure successful delivery.

After several years in an ICT Coordinator role for a local school, Clare is keen to get back into the enterprise sector and reacquaint herself with agile methodologies and other project approaches and toolsets.

“I am keen to enhance the skills I already have; I’ve worked in this space for 20 years off and on”, says Clare. “I have always enjoyed IT, and I am really excited about this new challenge.”

She is looking forward to the challenge of working with many diverse stakeholders. “My skill set is very people-focused. I am the person others can communicate with to get things moving.”

Clare is a mother of two boys. She regularly volunteers at Matiu Somes Motu and for Everybody Eats.