Debby Murphy, Manager of Delivery and Support, joins Solnet

Debby Murphy joins Solnet


Solnet is pleased to welcome Debby Murphy, who recently joined our team as Manager of Delivery and Support.

Debby believes that bringing delivery and support together fosters team alignment and helps deliver a more cohesive experience to our clients. Her strength is in cutting through complexity to solve problems and accelerate solution delivery.

She is a people-focused leader and loves working with others to solve challenges:

"A large part of my job is talking with people and helping things run seamlessly. I'm always learning, and no two days are alike", says Debby. “I am an empathetic leader, who cares about the people around me. Strong communication and team alignment are fundamental to successful delivery. I focus on client goals, so those never get lost no matter what."

She brings a wealth of knowledge to our team and clients, with over two decades in the digital space, and expertise in custom software delivery and operations. Debby has leadership experience across a range of government, professional services, and product development positions.

Her journey to becoming a delivery and support manager was not typical. Where many people start as either developers or project managers, she started as a UX designer. Her core belief, that engaging with people to understand their needs is of utmost importance, has never waned.

Outside of work, Debby enjoys baking and spending time with her family. She has two kids: a son (13) who loves to play baseball and a daughter (18) who loves sports photography.