Raising the bar on Health and Safety compliance management

Are you taking all the steps required to ensure your business is compliant with Health and Safety legislation? What are the implications if you’re not?

Health and Safety legislation is nothing new; however, big penalties have been put in place for Directors and Officers, including civil and criminal charges. Higher levels of scrutiny when incidents occur, and the introduction of personal liability, certainly raises the stakes. Many Directors and Officers are now asking:

• if something happened that required proving my organisation’s Health and Safety practices are in line with standards, would I be confident we’re not in the wrong? 

• if a specific incident was examined for fault, am I certain that myself or my team could retrieve a complete and accurate record of the event? And how do I best protect this information from damage or loss?  

• as a leader of a medium to large enterprise, how do I guarantee consistent Health and Safety practices across my organisation? What do I need to do to manage Health and Safety effectively across multiple businesses?

• if I feel tracking and reporting this information is still a cumbersome process, how do I improve as quickly as possible? And how do I show the impacts of remedial actions taken to improve Health and Safety practices?

How are you managing compliance now?

Paper filing systems, spreadsheets or stand-alone applications are some of the options, but all of these have limitations when it comes to locating, sharing, protecting and analysing Health and Safety information. If an occasion arises where you need to prove compliance, are you certain you’ll be able to?

Solnet understands the operational impacts and personal legal risks associated with Health and Safety, which is why we’ve built a cost-effective, compliant solution to help manage your Health and Safety obligations.

Why is Solnet’s Health and Safety solution better than the alternatives in use today?

• It is based on New Zealand-specific requirements so you can be sure the information you’re tracking is relevant.

• Solnet can integrate the solution to communicate with other systems, your HR system for example, to enable better reporting and insights. Not only will you know you’re meeting legal requirements, but you’ll also be prepared to quantify impacts of remedial actions and execute future Health and Safety decisions based on data.

• It takes as little as a week to install this module so you can consistently track information across your business – or businesses. That’s right, the same solution can keep tabs on multiple operations.

• Your Health and Safety records exist online and are securely stored on the cloud. Data is also backed up regularly to protect against accidental deletion. More importantly, you and your team can readily access what you need when you need it.

Features and benefits at a glance

Built to support New Zealand-specific legal requirements
Built to help businesses meet the legal standards applying to Aotearoa, so you get exactly what you need to ensure compliance.

Highly configurable
The solution can be tailored to suit your business. The streamlined digital dashboard, which provides a summary of information, is configurable to show only what you want to see. 

Track incidents, corrective actions and hazards
Get more than incident tracking. Keep detailed information around corrective actions and specific hazards linked to the most incidents.

The Health and Safety solution supports small, medium and large organisations. It can also simplify Health and Safety compliance across multiple businesses. What’s more, information can be shared across different operations or remain separate.

All employee access 
Anyone can log an incident directly.

Mobile access
No paper form filling. Data entry can be done at the time of an incident using a handheld device for more complete and accurate capture.

Data analytics
Enable your organisation to gain a more complete picture of what’s going on in order to determine remedial actions.

Task management
Track who has to do what, by when, with automated emails.

If you would like to discuss how Solnet's Health and Safety solution can help your business simplify compliance, please contact Kevin McMenamin by email or by calling 09 977 5805.