The challenge

McLarens, globally, are the largest provider of claims management services for the insurance industry. The organisation handles a range of cases from windscreen claims to large, complex infrastructure claims such as those related to severe damage caused by natural disasters.

Success in the insurance industry relies on how efficiently claims are resolved, as people who have suffered setbacks are busy trying to make their lives feel normal again.

McLarens saw value in speeding up its existing claims management process but needed the right expertise to automate repetitive manual processes involved in gathering quotes from suppliers.


Our solution 

Solnet designed and implemented an online supplier portal in conjunction with McLarens' IT team. Throughout this process, business teams from both organisations also worked closely together to map existing processes and provide automation where it made the most sense.

In addition, Solnet updated McLarens' existing mobile iOS application, Link, allowing loss adjustors to instantly record information while visiting a claim site.

Both improvements to the overall claims management system have created measurable time-savings, making the company more agile.

McLarens was formerly known as Crawford and Company.

Using self-service to create speed and accuracy

Processing a claim used to require visiting several websites and making multiple phone calls to individual suppliers to establish a schedule of loss and to provide a scope of work.

The new supplier portal automates these processes to shorten the claims time frame.

Quotes for goods lost in a claim are now self-entered by suppliers who have registered to the online system. These details are sent electronically to McLarens for review. The system supports the team by keeping quotes and work approvals organised, and making quote comparison easier than ever. Further, automated alerts inform suppliers when follow-up actions are required.

The result: massive time savings on the completion of each claim. Team members are also focused on more important tasks instead of completing routine paperwork.


Capturing information in real-time

Loss adjusters use the Link mobile application when visiting a claim site to take photographs, build a schedule of loss, and develop a scope of works.

Due to updates carried out by Solnet, the application now allows McLarens team members to upload data directly into the claims management system. The system then instructs suppliers to provide quotes easily compared and selected through the online system so claims are settled more quickly and efficiently.

During the supplier portal project, we established a really good working relationship with Solnet. We've even had some of their team members working with us here in the office. Solnet is now a trusted partner we can work with well into the future.

Graham Spencer, CIO McLarens, NZ

Ongoing benefits from these improvements

Solnet supported McLarens by supplying experts with capabilities and skills needed to quickly move a large and complex project through to completion.

Since establishing the supplier portal, more than 650 suppliers registered to the online system and over 7,000 quote requests were completed.


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