Solnet welcomes Carmen Botuyan, Technical Business Analyst

Carmen Botuyan, Technical Business Analyst


Carmen Botuyan recently joined Solnet as a Technical Business Analyst. To start, Carmen will work with some of our larger government clients to analyse and understand their current environments to help them find the best way to migrate from legacy systems.

“I enjoy seeing how a certain process can improve. Whenever I am exposed to a system or a problem, I look at how the system works, and where the most value can be added”, says Carmen.

Carmen started her career as a chemical engineer in the Philippines where she learned manufacturing processes and analysed operational value streams. She then worked for an inkjet supply manufacturing operation in Singapore for more than ten years before migrating to New Zealand. Seven years ago Carmen set out to earn a master’s degree in Professional Business Analysis from Victoria University.

“I like working on projects with people who have varied skillsets and backgrounds so I can continue to learn. I aim to become a true-blue technical business analyst, growing into my chosen path.”

Outside of work she enjoys movie or TV series marathons with her two children, a daughter (18) and a son (12).