Solnet welcomes Elias Tran, Junior Software Developer

Elias Tran, Junior Software Engineer


Elias Tran, Junior Software Developer, has joined Solnet as part of our incubator team. He will work on developing a greenfields project with other graduates and senior team members.

An Auckland University of Technology graduate with a bachelor’s degree in creative technology, Elias has the training to think creatively about solutions before prototypes are built and iterated.

“I like thinking about solutions without being restricted by the tools already available. It allows us to solve real-world problems differently,” says Elias. “For me, computer science always felt like more math, but I am also enjoying the coding side. I am always curious about what’s next, and I love learning, problem solving, and getting hands-on experience while exploring.”

Elias enjoys watching F1 and is a coffee enthusiast. His current pursuit is perfecting soft brew.